Our koi carp

Koi carp are fish belonging to one of the ornamental varieties of common carp. There are several colors. They can only be maintained outdoors, in equipped basins or ponds, in filtered and aerated water at the rate of one carp for 50 to 100 liters of water, or in non-renewed water at the rate of one carp for 200 to 300 liters of water.

The koi carp is a peaceful and familiar animal known for its docility.

Cohabitation with other species of fish is not a problem.

It is omnivorous with a tendency to herbivores and is satisfied with any type of food for pond fish.

Koi carp are sold only on site and packaged in a plastic bag with oxygen supply.

Price: from 8 to 150 euros depending on the size (contact us).

Pépinière du Mandarin also offers a wide selection of goldfish.


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